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Congratulations to Winners of My Name in Arabic GIVEAWAY

Posted: 11 Nov 2007 09:50 PM CST

My Name in Arabic GIVEAWAY Winners - zlythern
The Winners of My Name in Arabic GIVEAWAY contest is out.

Congratulations to all the winners ;)

Reem have done a MARVELOUS work on the 3 names ! The screenshot above speaks for it ;)

Each person, gets 3 different FONTS for the name! Instead of just two which i mention in the contest before. This was A VERY GENEROUS of Reem !

Another word, initially i was supposed to mention that a full name would be counted as two names! But then again, Reem is willing to do your full name counted as one ! Thanks Reem ! So the screenshot above is not your full name. But no worry, the results are in your full name ;)

And to Bruno, Joshua and Helen, as soon as you read this post, drop me a mail (look for my email at the very bottom of this page).

Each of you will get 3 formats ! A .jpg .doc and .pdf !
Nice eh ?! ;)

Bottom words, i would like to thanks Reem from My Name in Arabic for all his efforts to make this GIVEAWAY contest possible :)

Congratulations again to all the winners !

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