Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Grail - by King Arthur


Cube Crash

Cube Crash
Cube Crashing mayhem at it's finest. Click and remove similar colored blocks to keep on progressing to the next level.
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By: OceanBreezeGames

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Friday, March 26, 2010

FireHeart - Crossbow Wars

Play in the site / download file from:
FireHeart Crossbow Wars.swf Crossbow Wars.swf

This is the second FireHeart Game:
Rob's Crossbow Showdown
Version 1.00 Flash Shockwave Game

A Adobe Flash practice game, not for sale
derived from the "Asteroid" game by Alif Harsan

For more about FireHeart Project: Game, Novel, NovelBlog, Manga etc.
please visit


Hold (UP) key: move up,
press (LEFT) to go up left and (RIGHT) to go up right

Hold (DOWN) key: move down,
press (LEFT) to go down left and (RIGHT) to go down right

(SPACEBAR) to shoot bolt arrows

In this crossbow practice, Robert must clear all enemies on the field to sharpen his shooting skills.

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