Saturday, October 03, 2009

Occident Warrior


The days of Foriencia changed forever W\when the dark army of Ash arrived taking over the realms! All hope is on the Occident warrior to fight his way through 6 different world, learning new skills to defeat the evil Lord. The occident warrior is a cute side scrolling battle game with anime / comic style graphics. Good Luck!

· Movements = W,A,S & D Keys
· Attack = J Key
· Jump = K Key

Type: Sword Fighting Flash Game

Play Occident Warrior At

Empire of the Galaldur


The game sets on Galaldur where you are in control of one of the provinces. The main goal of this game is to conquer all provinces, that you have to take by force in the most exciting battles. You need to manage the production of all resources, build settlements and upgrade them to unlock the troops. There are seven types of troops which all has different power, speed and capability.

· Control = Use The Mouse

Play Empire of the Galaldur At

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